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How I Can Help You
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How I Can Help You

In an initial meeting, we will discuss your most pressing marketing needs. We will brainstorm ideas, discuss tactics, media, options. I’ll process the information from the meeting and bring back a workable proposal. Once a strategic plan of action is approved, I work with your team to personally implement the plan, track the results, and create a recorded process of how to duplicate the efforts on your own.

I Can:

  • Evaluate your particular marketing situation
  • Help you define your best target markets
  • Alert you to potential market threats
  • Analyze your competition
  • Develop a detailed action plan to meet your marketing objectives
  • Recommend and carry out specific strategies and tactics
  • Develop key positioning and communication messages for different markets
  • Develop unique and cost-effective methods for reaching your target
  • Maximize public relations opportunities
  • Help establish budgets and timetables
  • Plan and execute your advertising campaigns
  • Create and manage your events and promotions efforts
  • Set up measurement tools to benchmark success

From marketing research and strategy to effective execution, I am here to get you the results you want. 95% of my business since its inception in 2001 has been from referrals from satisfied clients.

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To Schedule a Consultation

Contact me by email at or phone at 503-740-7292.

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